Mobile Application Development Services

Mobile Application Development Services

Dyce Technologies puts the experience of our mobile app development and design experts in your corner to build powerful and intuitive apps that can transform your business processes and engage with your audience. With 100+ mobile applications built and released to date, we bring mobile innovation for productivity, customer engagement and enhanced user experiences.

We provide customized solution in developing mobile compatibility sites as well as customable mobile applications which could boost your business with activities like promotions, shopping, banking, news, services etc. in any desired platform like Android, IOS, Blackberry, etc.

Our Software Services for Mobile Apps you can:

  • Build Enterprise-Grade Apps for Highest User Experience Ratings
  • Access latest Cloud PaaS Development Technology Skills for Mobile Apps
  • Deliver a Contemporary & Immersive Mobile Solution
  • Save through Cost Effective Global Delivery Model

We build mobile apps for digital enterprises looking to enhance workforce productivity, customer engagement and affinity, or technology companies looking to provide a great user experience for their software, online or mobile-connected services.

Enterprise Grade:

Design centralized platforms to deploy native, web, or hybrid mobile apps, and automate patches and upgrades by implementing:

  • Multi-platform, multi-device architecture design
  • Centralized platforms for multi-app deployment
  • BYOD & Security Policies
  • App usage visibility, alerting & reporting

Rich Experience:

Target comprehensive mobile usage experience at the app design stage, taking into consideration the app type, functionality, target audience and expected interactions for:

  • Native versus hybrid design
  • Integration of available device features
  • Optimization of device storage and memory

Mobile Web Experience:

Our mobile web solutions provide responsive web designs to support smartphones, tablets and portable consoles for optimized for:

  • Navigability and readability
  • Download times
  • Touch-based interaction

Contextual Experience:

Design context rich apps that use customer preferences, situations, and attitude based on emotions implied by their actions through:

  • Functionality, audience & interaction based design
  • Use of native UI elements & patterns
  • Cross platform application development

Voice based Interactions:

Design apps with voice-based interactions for hands off and eyes off use using:

  • API development for Apple Siri and Google Now
  • Voice based apps for fitness, automobile, etc

Mobile-Connected Interaction:

Develop connected apps for wearable, devices, and IoT solutions for home automation, commercial building control, machine control, automobiles, personal health, and more through:

  • Secure communications via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and NFC
  • Rule-based automatic control of sensors & devices
  • Real time alerts through bridge/gateway or direct connectivity

Cloud Powered Development:

Leverage cloud-enabled mobile and backend services to deliver rich and robust app performance using:

  • Server-side auto scaling
  • Push notifications
  • Offline sync
  • Access to on-premises data, and more

Multi-Device Testing:

Perform test scenarios on actual devices to identify bottlenecks while ensuring complete app security across supported devices and operating system variants, while addressing nuances such as:

  • Wireless switching
  • VPN drop/restarts and walk away
  • Switching between apps


Native apps live on the device and are accessed through icons on the device home screen. Native apps are installed through an application store (such as Google Play or Apple’s App Store). They are developed specifically for one platform, and can take full advantage of all the device features — they can use the camera, the GPS, the accelerometer, the compass, the list of contacts, and so on.

They can also incorporate gestures (either standard operating-system gestures or new, app-defined gestures). And native apps can use the device’s notification system and can work offline.

As experts, we guide you through the entire mobile development process. We work with you to create an app that your users will love and then help facilitate the marketplace application submission and approval process.

Dyce Technologies develops mobile applications using SDKs provided by various mobile platform vendors, cross platform development kits such as Rhodes, Titanium and Phone gap platform that enables faster development of truly cross-platform apps with editable content.


Hybrid applications are a combination of native and web apps. The inner workings of a hybrid application are similar to a web app, but it installs like a native app. Hybrid applications have access to internal device APIs, which means they can use resources such as the camera, storage and GPS. Yelp and Instagram are examples of hybrid apps.

We also develop Hybrid applications which are built with HTML and CSS. Our developers create one code base, and then make small changes to tailor the app to each platform.

Native Application Tools

  • Swift and Java are open source, and they are the main programming languages used by Apple and Google.
  • Xamarin is a cross-platform software development tool used for native app development on iOS and Android and other platforms that rely on C# as a programming language.