In the current competitive and niche market using cutting edge technologies we as a dedicated team’s at Dyce Technologies use tailor-made planning, monitoring, controlling and apply successful methods in order to achieve set goals towards our clients projects.

Dyce Technologies strongly believes in the team work and has applied various methodologies in managing the projects which has put us and the organization in the successful path.

We as strong & dedicated team have adapted and implemented Agile methodology to our/client projects and achieved outstanding results at the time of delivery.

Agile – Quality delivered

We will sneak into & study clients projects in & out which will allow to define project objectives in an effective structure.

To kick-start we will apply S.M.A.R.T objectives to deliver tremendous results.

  • Setting Specific objectives towards the project – like milestones, chunk of tasks and simplifying the goals piece by piece.
  • Measuring the project objectives to address the factors involved in the process of achieving the set goals.
  • Ensuring the objectives set towards the project are Achievable and realistic.
  • Based on the above objectives we will get to a point how Realistic are these to achieve towards the project goals.
  • Finally Time is the key factor ensuring that time frame is broken evenly to meet and achieve the tasks set for the project.


Dyce Technologies indulged and approaches into software and mobile app projects; here is the step to step life cycle of a typical development project activity as follows:

  1. Business Development – Identifying potential customers and interacting, explaining our services for the requirement.


  1. Pre-Sales – Meeting the client, configuring project strategy, discussion on pros & cons and finalizing the deal with required agreements.


  1. Planning stage – carrying out the business analysis and crafting mobile strategy. When creating a mobile app, it is crucial to take time to go through the necessary research and planning steps.

Business analysis:

  • Idea evaluation – a preliminary stage, when experts investigate the idea, correct it, give their advice and create rough logics for it.
  • Competition analysis – study of activities of other players in the market.
  • SWOT-analysis – evaluation of strengths and weaknesses of the product, insights into opportunities and other aspects.
  • ROI calculation – assessment of the future app market performance help realize the real value and adjust budget accordingly.
  • Requirements scope – summing up requirements for the future product at all levels.

Mobile strategy:

  • Market research – this study shows the overall situation on the market to help adjust the concept of the product to current demand.
  • Defining user persons – understanding who your target audience is crucial in crafting advertising approach.
  • Technologies & tools assessment – study of specific tools required for the industry and select a set of technologies to meet the objectives of the project.
  • Complex promotion strategy – a step-by-step action plan for acquisition and retaining users.


  1. Technical documentation – describing all tech requirements and details. Also known as a technical specification or software documentation, this paper is a complex manual of your product, outlining requirements, business logic and leading your specialists through all stages of the project:
  • Makes your software universally understandable.
  • Provides flexibility for future changes.
  • Adds value to your app by providing a clear manual.
  • Helps to keep control of your own product.
  • Allows reusing existing parts of the developed application.


  1. Prototyping– creating the sketch, wireframes, prototype and final app skins upon approval. Prototyping is a process of defining a concept in visual terms and evaluating how the app might develop to correct a misconception.
  • Creating a sketch – the draft version of your app on paper that sets up the main logic, number of screens and the way they interact with each other.
  • Creating wireframes – provides the visualization of the draft structure.
  • Creating a clickable prototype – helps to find out and analyze all possible use cases, discover logical breaks and technical inconsistencies in the original idea.
  • Designing app skins – collecting all wireframes and put them together to get the final design.


  1. Development – front-end and back-end segments of coding. This segment usually consists of two main parts:
  • Front-end development – client-side development, creating a presentation layer of the software for a direct user interaction with it.
  • Back-end development – a server/database part of development, connecting a front-end part of the mobile app with the data access layer.


  1. Quality Assurance – testing tech requirements, device compatibility, interface, security aspects etc. In the agile development, it’s usually a continuous process following every sprint of Development:
  • Compatibility testing – running the app on different devices and screen sizes.
  • Interface testing – checking the navigation, menu and buttons performance.
  • Device compatibility testing – checking how the app looks and performs on various screen sizes.
  • Low-level resources testing – examination of the app in conditions of low battery, slow internet connection, etc.
  • Security testing – provides quality assurance of users data safety.
  • Beta testing – giving users access to the app to get feedback.


  1. Publishing & Maintenance – publishing to the app store, updates releases, infrastructure, and entire app maintenance.
  • Publishing of the app and following updated versions to a chosen app store.
  • Infrastructure support – either you have admin panel to post on or cloud service attached; you’ll need to make sure it functions fully.
  • App store optimization – helping your app move onto the tops of search lists and this way gain more users.

We offer a full-cycle application development from requirements elicitation to product design & development, quality assurance, deployment as well as further maintenance. We stand behind the applications we develop because we build them carefully, test them thoroughly before launch.

We add a real value to all of your business processes by combining our technological expertise, solid cross-domain experience and an established development methodology. A team of professional IT experts assists in choosing the most appropriate solution in accordance with Customers needs.

ALM – Application Lifecycle Management is a set of pre-defined processes that start somewhere in the business as an idea, a need, a challenge or a risk and then passes through different development phases such as requirement definition, design, development, testing, deployment, release and maintenance spanning across an entire lifecycle of a product. Throughout the ALM process, each of these steps is closely monitored and controlled, followed by proper tracking and documentation of any changes to the application. For Ex: E-Commerce application website is the best example for Application Lifecycle Management.

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) is a broader perspective than the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), which is limited to the phases of software development such as requirements, design, coding, testing, configuration, project management and change management. ALM continues after development until the application is no longer used, and may span many SDLCs.

Dyce Technologies puts the experience of our mobile app development and design experts in your corner to build powerful and intuitive apps that can transform your business processes and engage with your audience. With 100+ mobile applications built and released to date, we bring mobile innovation for productivity, customer engagement and enhanced user experiences.

We provide customized solution in developing mobile compatibility sites as well as customable mobile applications which could boost your business with activities like promotions, shopping, banking, news, services etc. in any desired platform like Android, IOS, Blackberry, etc.

Our Software Services for Mobile Apps you can:

  • Build Enterprise-Grade Apps for Highest User Experience Ratings
  • Access latest Cloud PaaS Development Technology Skills for Mobile Apps
  • Deliver a Contemporary & Immersive Mobile Solution
  • Save through Cost Effective Global Delivery Model

We build mobile apps for digital enterprises looking to enhance workforce productivity, customer engagement and affinity, or technology companies looking to provide a great user experience for their software, online or mobile-connected services.

Enterprise Grade:

Design centralized platforms to deploy native, web, or hybrid mobile apps, and automate patches and upgrades by implementing:

  • Multi-platform, multi-device architecture design
  • Centralized platforms for multi-app deployment
  • BYOD & Security Policies
  • App usage visibility, alerting & reporting


Rich Experience: Target comprehensive mobile usage experience at the app design stage, taking into consideration the app type, functionality, target audience and expected interactions for:

  • Native versus hybrid design
  • Integration of available device features
  • Optimization of device storage and memory


Mobile Web Experience: Our mobile web solutions provide responsive web designs to support smartphones, tablets and portable consoles for optimized for:

  • Navigability and readability
  • Download times
  • Touch-based interaction


Contextual Experience: Design context rich apps that use customer preferences, situations, and attitude based on emotions implied by their actions through:

  • Functionality, audience & interaction based design
  • Use of native UI elements & patterns
  • Cross platform application development


Voice based Interactions: Design apps with voice-based interactions for hands off and eyes off use using:

  • API development for Apple Siri and Google Now
  • Voice based apps for fitness, automobile, etc


Mobile-Connected Interaction: Develop connected apps for wearable, devices, and IoT solutions for home automation, commercial building control, machine control, automobiles, personal health, and more through:

  • Secure communications via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and NFC
  • Rule-based automatic control of sensors & devices
  • Real time alerts through bridge/gateway or direct connectivity


Cloud Powered Development: Leverage cloud-enabled mobile and backend services to deliver rich and robust app performance using:

  • Server-side auto scaling
  • Push notifications
  • Offline sync
  • Access to on-premises data, and more


Multi-Device Testing: Perform test scenarios on actual devices to identify bottlenecks while ensuring complete app security across supported devices and operating system variants, while addressing nuances such as:

  • Wireless switching
  • VPN drop/restarts and walk away
  • Switching between apps


NATIVE APPS: Native apps live on the device and are accessed through icons on the device home screen. Native apps are installed through an application store (such as Google Play or Apple’s App Store). They are developed specifically for one platform, and can take full advantage of all the device features — they can use the camera, the GPS, the accelerometer, the compass, the list of contacts, and so on.

They can also incorporate gestures (either standard operating-system gestures or new, app-defined gestures). And native apps can use the device’s notification system and can work offline.

As experts, we guide you through the entire mobile development process. We work with you to create an app that your users will love and then help facilitate the marketplace application submission and approval process.

Dyce Technologies develops mobile applications using SDKs provided by various mobile platform vendors, cross platform development kits such as Rhodes, Titanium and Phone gap platform that enables faster development of truly cross-platform apps with editable content.


HYBRID APPS: Hybrid applications are a combination of native and web apps. The inner workings of a hybrid application are similar to a web app, but it installs like a native app. Hybrid applications have access to internal device APIs, which means they can use resources such as the camera, storage and GPS. Yelp and Instagram are examples of hybrid apps.

We also develop Hybrid applications which are built with HTML and CSS. Our developers create one code base, and then make small changes to tailor the app to each platform.

Native Application Tools

  • Swift and Java are open source, and they are the main programming languages used by Apple and Google.
  • Xamarin is a cross-platform software development tool used for native app development on iOS and Android and other platforms that rely on C# as a programming language.

Dyce Technologies also provide website design & development services creating world-class user experiences across web, ecommerce and mobile platforms. We offer Web application development expertise in a range of technologies including .NET, Java, PHP (incl. Drupal), CSS, HTML/HTML5, XML, WordPress, JavaScript, Flash, Silverlight and Custom Web Design. We are one of the leading website designing company located in Hyderabad, India.

We know that building website means building your business. Your website is an effective tool to reach your target audience. Website of your company is an introduction of your services and strategies to your clients and customers. An eye catching website with a well design will easily communicate your business strategies and solutions and increases your brand value in the market and reaches to the targeted group in short span of time.

No matter whether you look for small or large web sites, we are ready to deliver you the final product until you get satisfied. With our endless curiosity, we are the innovative digital company our work makes your products and services stand out from the crowd. Ours web designing services, follows online market techniques to get creative web design. We offer tailored solutions for our clients, from small start-ups through to established businesses.

With an experienced team of UX designers, developers, copywriters, and digital strategists, we can cater to all your online business needs. Our website design and development focuses on providing personal services to our clients. From the first initial meeting through to continuing support and advice, we will listen to you to find out exactly what you need to provide your customers with the best possible experience. Then, using our expertise and skills, we deliver it.

We can build software with a host of technologies; you choose your preferred platform or let us select the best-fit platform based on your business needs.

  • Azure PaaS
  • .NET
  • Mobile
  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • Java
  • Python
  • Ruby


Our dynamic and professional team allows us to be customer focused and to offer web design and web development services that are both efficient and inexpensive. You will be able to make your websites stand out from the rest of the competition in the industry.

  • An extensive knows how your core business and an insight in to your processes form the basis of our research. Knowledge of your services, customers, target audience and competitors guides us in web design development.
  • A unique and perfect silhouette of your website is our final product. The attractive home page, informative subpages, all-purpose mobile apps and many more functions are crafted integrating technology and creativity in the right ratio.
  • Structure of the online framework of your organization is put in place by our design development team. This design takes shape in the able hands of our technology team who create the necessary coding. A pre launch of the website and official handing over to the client takes place only after testing for the desired functionalities. A comprehensive testing of design and coding takes place in all the areas.

This is the final phase of website design where your dream of an effective web presence is accomplished opening up new arenas of business opportunities. Our partnership flags off from here to continue on the path of your success.

Dyce Technologies is a trustworthy enterprise; we offer excellent quality Software AMC Service that is extensively acknowledged for its superb features such as on time completion, hassle free execution, professional approach and client-centric approach.

Under the management of our dexterous professionals, our Software AMC service is imparted flawlessly in line with the set quality norms. Provided AMC service is available in the market at pocket-friendly prices that has attainted clients’ huge appreciation.

Our diligent professionals have detailed knowledge in this domain that helps us to deliver the best services. Offered services are perfectly rendered in line with the set industry quality norms. We serve numerous sectors like healthcare, education institute, hospitality, retail and many more; these services are broadly demanded by our valued clients, owing to their features including client-centric approach, trouble free execution, high reliability, flexibility and timely completion.

We are providing a complete range of IT services addresses the requirements of both business requirements and technology to help enterprises leverage innovative technologies for business improvement. Apart from this, our clients can avail these services from us at feasible prices.

Dyce Technologies provides best Computer AMC Services. We offer excellent value added service with in Hyderabad region at any location. Our engineers have an extensive knowledge of all the locations in Hyderabad. We are offering Computer AMC Services, Computer Repair services, Laptop Repair service, Networking Management, Server Management and many other Service. Dyce Technologies has the rich database of Hyderabad based clients and they are satisfied with Dyce Technologies services. Our engineers are enough skilled and experienced to handle any type of computer problem. We provide the services for all brands of computer.

We have Successful repair thousands of computers, laptops, build office network, install CCTV system, as well as we have satisfied AMC Customers. No matter what’s your business, we are expertise in all kind of computer problems, networking problems.

Dyce Technologies designed their AMC plan according to client’s requirements. We provide the flexible AMC plan for any number of systems. Dyce Technologies gives long-term commitment to their client by providing quality computer services with value added facilities.

Dyce Technologies provides customized AMC services to both small and big companies. Dyce Technologies has rich corporate client’s bases that are very happy with our services; you can also become our member and avail our value added services. We designed the AMC plan according to corporate strength and their IT equipment quantity. We have the customized AMC for onsite support and unlimited support. Our clients have flexibility to choose any plan according to their requirement. Dyce Technologies gives the computer repair and support for all brands of computers like Dell, Lenovo, Sony, Acer, Toshiba, Samsung, Apple, HCL, HP etc.

If you are facing any problem while using your computer whether problem is related to software or hardware, our certified engineers will give you the quality and reliable services at your door step.

Be free from your all IT resources worries and take our attractive AMC plan with very affordable prices. Contact Dyce Technologies for best AMC plan. Our experts will give you the personalized attention to understand your AMC requirement and accordingly they will provide you the best AMC plan that will suit to your corporate use. They will raise the ticket within a minute and you will get your computer repaired very quickly.

Our Services

  • Computer AMC Service
  • Computer Repair Services
  • Laptop Repair Services
  • Monitor Maintenance
  • CCTV Installation Services
  • Network Management
  • Servers Support Services
  • Computer Motherboard Repair
  • Wi-Fi Router Configuration Service
  • Accounting Software Configuration
  • Internet Bandwidth Control
  • Virus Protection and Virus Removal Keep your computer free from Spywares/Adware’s
  • Smart Tune Up – Better Performance Large cost savings compared to individual calls
  • Single Window Support to all your PC Repair Needs

PC AMC Services: Annual Maintenance Contract – We just devoted to Computer Repair Services. We will be happy to assist you. Contact us

  • On-site Computer Repair support
  • Quick response time after call
  • Three Preventive Maintenance
  • Quick Remote Support
  • No any Hidden charge
  • Quick Telephonic Assistance
  • Troubleshooting various devices

Laptop Repair: Affordable – Reliable – Quick Laptop Repair Services at your door step – Complete laptop repairing including fault finding and component level repairing of laptops for every fault is done.

  • Motherboard Repair
  • Keyboard Repair & Replacement
  • Laptop Overheating Service
  • Power Jack Problem
  • Starting Problem
  • Screen Repair & Replacement
  • Liquid Damage Specialists
  • Software Problems


Our role to resolve:

  • Performance Issues: We undergo periodical checking for the hardware under contract and update if any issues persist.
  • Networking:We provide expertise technicians to configure all kinds of servers & routers, firewalls installations custom to your requirement and provide alterations in alignment as requested by the customer.
  • Facility Management:We procure with hardware requested by the customer and change the malfunction parts undergoing warranty and configure for an effective run.

Multi-vendor AMC Service support:

Facility Management Services with expert certified manpower on Desktops, Laptops, Printers, Operating System Support, Application Support and Server’s Support. IT (Computers Hardware Software and Network) is a critical tool for your business. We will look after your IT equipment and network infrastructure while you focus on your business. You can trust Dyce Technologies to do it for you. We can take up Multi-Vendor AMC – Annual Maintenance contract service for all your computers, Laptops Networks and other IT infrastructure. We have certified skilled technicians to provide sufficient backup equipment and spares on a nominal cost which enable us to give you commitments that can be honored.